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Asheville Water Features: Pondless Waterfall

Here is a fun little Pondless Waterfall we just finished in Asheville, NC.

It took us 2 days to build this feature. It sits in the front yard of our clients house, right near the entry to the house, so they can enjoy the sounds of flowing water every time they step outside.

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Is you water feature ready for Spring?

​We spent the day yesterday getting some of the water features we installed last year ready for spring. 

Now is a great time to get your pond cleaned out and to check your system for leaks. Winter can have a toll on some ponds in Asheville. 

Asheville pond cleaning It’s a good time to get your pump put back in if you had it pulled out for winter. Also you should get the aeration going again now that it’s warmer. 

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Asheville Landscaping: Dry Laid Patio 

Asheville patio builders Happy first day of Spring everyone!

Our first accomplishment this Spring was to finish the dry laid patio we have been working on in Asheville. 

It was a beautiful day and the patio is done. 

Rumble Red brick edging with a tumbled Pennsylvania stone in the center. 

Flagstone patio The colors of this stone are amazing. And it contrasts well with the brick. 
We are happy with this project, and so are our clients. 

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Asheville Landscape Design

Almost finished with this design work for our clients in Asheville. 

I really enjoy doing landscape design.  Can’t wait to install the features we designed for this project. 

This project includes approx. 3000 square feet of brick pavers, a fire pit and seat wall. Retaining walls and boulder accents. Trees and hedging, with a complete irrigation system install and a full landscape around the newly built house. 
Check back soon for more info. 

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Asheville Landscaping: Water Feature Fun!

I love building ponds and waterfalls. I enjoy every part of creating water features from design to finish. 

Today I wanted to post about adding fun design features to water features. There are many ways to make your pond, stream or waterfall beautiful & functional.

A few things I like to put into water features are:

‘Old World’ Stone Bridge over Stream

Bridges, statuary, aquatic lighting, decks and sometimes some wood, like a dry log you might have found in the mountains around Asheville.

A bridge is always a great water feature if it works in layout for your yard or garden. We have used stone, wood and metal to breach a gurgling stream or tranquil pond. 


Another great landscaping water feature is a statue that is placed correctly. This is a simple way to add a lot character to your landscape.

Remember to try and carry a theme when you are choosing a statue. In the picture below, we chose a small stone Pagoda to accent the waterfall. This was in keeping with the Japanese garden we were creating.



Hillside Pond with ‘Wine Deck’

 Another fun landscaping idea to add to your water feature is a deck. It gives a great place for relaxing by a waterfall or watching the fish frolic in the pond. I like the look and feel of adding different elements to the garden. Mixing wood, stone, water, and earth together make a feature or garden that is both functional and artistic.     


  Don’t forget the aquatic and landscape lighting when planning your water feature. Aquatic lighting is always one of my favorite parts of the job. I like to get creative and put lights in little nooks and under little streams in the falls.   LED lights work great for pond and waterfall lighting because they are more energy efficient and they last much longer than halogen bulbs. 

More fun landscaping water features ideas soon to come!!

Japanese Garden