We love working with stone! 

Dry stacking walls, flagstone patios, boulder placement, natural water features, anything with a rock in it always gets us excited. 


There is something raw and natural about working with stone, its durability and its ability to be transformed or left alone. 

I love the versatility of working with stone and knowing that when you are done with a project, it will be there for generations.


We specialize in dry laid stone work. That is, setting stone without mortar or concrete. This is an ancient technique that has proven itself throughout many continents and centuries of time.

When installed correctly, a dry stacked wall or patio can outlive a concrete wall or mortar set patio. Plus it looks better! 

However we do not limit ourselves to dry laid work. We do stone veneer, poured concrete walls, mortared flagstone patios and beyond!


We love what we do, and would be happy to help you with any stone work projects. 




-Retaining Walls

-Artistic Boulder Placement




-Stone Veneer