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Kid Friendly Water Features


Pondless Waterfalls are very kid friendly!

Shallow water and sturdy rock work make for a fun play area for the whole family.

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asheville landscaping, asheville pond builder, Fountain, landscape design, water features, pondless waterfalls

Asheville Water Features: Pondless Waterfall

Here is a fun little Pondless Waterfall we just finished in Asheville, NC.

It took us 2 days to build this feature. It sits in the front yard of our clients house, right near the entry to the house, so they can enjoy the sounds of flowing water every time they step outside.

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Landscaping in Asheville: Inspiration

I spent some time today meditating in the woods with the original waterfall builder. I also had the time to create some balancing rock art.

I love sitting in the woods next to a waterfall. It is where I get the energy and inspiration to build water features.

I love the art of rock balancing also. It is a very temporary art, unlike the waterfalls and stone work we build to last a lifetime.

A balanced rock will be lucky to last a day. I love the fact that I can spend hours on balancing one rock. Carefully sitting in one place, feeling where the rock wants to sit, listening to the water flowing at my feet.

It can be very peaceful and lead you into a deep mediation, or it can stress you out if you let it.

rock balance 1

I love doing temporary art and art that is not paid for. There is a huge freedom in that. I love getting paid to build water features also, but art just for art is very freeing.

rock balance 3

Its amazing the connection we can have with our natural surroundings when we stop to look at them and feel them. Rock balancing can bring this out in you very quickly. Its a constant focus and feeling the rocks slightest movement. This can draw you into a meditation on the beauty of nature and creation unlike anything else.

rock balance 4

As I sat and pondered the beauty of the natural flowing creek, I was renewed in my mind, thankful for the work I have been blessed with.


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Asheville Waterfall Construction

Here is a video showing  the construction of a large waterfall we recently constructed for our clients in Asheville, NC.


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Building a Fairy Home

When designing a landscape it’s always good to stop and think about some options to make your garden unique.


We built a series of dry stacked stone retaining walls for our client in Asheville recently. In the landscape design process we decided to add a really cool feature into the walls. A little fairy grotto was the idea. Our clients came up with the idea originally. I have seen similar ideas in other walls, but have yet had the opportunity to install one. We thought it was a great idea, for a small statue or maybe a spot for a candle to brighten the feature at night.


So we made a space for the little fairy nooks (3 of them in the finished wall) and began building.  We installed some small stone arches that were dry laid into the wall, using only friction to hold them together and some wood support that we removed after we were done.

The stone arch is an ancient technique that I have yet to master.

The history of the arch dates back to ancient Italy where the Etruscan people built unimaginable stone arches as gates to the city. The Romans learned from them and perfected the craft.


To bring a little bit of this ancient art into our modern landscape design brings me great joy.

I love dreaming of new and old techniques to install into the features we create for our clients.


We will move forward, building and learning. Mastering techniques as the Romans did from the Etruscans.

Maybe one day in the future our children will pass on some pass on some skill to another generation to come, that will create a legacy of artistic craftsmanship for future builders.