Asheville Water Features: Worth the wait

The wait is over! We finally got enough rain to fill the pond we worked on back in October. After almost 6 months of waiting to see this feature come to life, today it was ready to turn on. We constructed a large waterfall that flows into the pond and a bog filter to keep the pond water clear and healthy.

The pond holds approx. 1,000,000 gallons of water and we have had a pretty dry winter season. Yesterday I went back to check on the pond level and it was full!

This is always my favorite part of any waterfall build, seeing it run for the fist time. It’s always a beautiful experience. When we are building waterfalls, we have to imagine what the water is going to do as we are setting the rocks in place. Carefully choosing stones, creating different types of areas for the water to flow through and visualizing what the water will do when it is turned on. We have to attempt to calculate the volume of water from the pump that will flow through the feature. The process brings me joy and anxiety. I was more anxious with this feature because I knew it would take a while to fill up.

waterfall 2

The lighting wasn’t the best today for pictures, so I will post some more later.

Check back soon for more!


Living Waters Landscaping Asheville



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