Asheville Landscaping: Flagstone Patio Update

Flagstone patio Asheville We had kind of a slow week with truck maintenance and sourcing the right materials for our clients patio in Asheville.

Today we got the edging done for the patio. We specialize in dry laid patios like this one will be. However, we will occasionally mortar in the edging of a dry laid patio. This particular project will have a 3 ft brick skirt. With a tumbled Kentucky grey stone in the center.

The mortared edging for this feature will keep the dry laid brick and stone from eventually migrating outward. It is not always needed to have a mortared edge. A heavy stone edge or a plastic/ metal pre-fab edge would also work.

However, for this patio we decided that a mortared edge would be the best fit and the longest lasting edge. We tend to over-build our features a bit sometimes.

Asheville Landscaping: flagstone patio We also prepared the base material for the patio as you can see here. We use a 3/4 drain rock for the base with a screed of 3/8 crushed stone for leveling. This is not always a standard practice for ft laid patios. However, we have found it to be superior to the traditional sand and road bond installation. The gravel allows for a stronger and free draining base.
We also attempted to install this large stepper that will be the entry stone in the patio. However, at nearly 5pm on a Friday, we decided to wait for fresh Monday morning energy!
Check back for more updates.

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2 thoughts on “Asheville Landscaping: Flagstone Patio Update”

  1. What kind if stone is that stepper? It’s going to be gorgeous once in place. What’s the plan for moving it?


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