Asheville Landscaping: Stone Selection

It’s said that an apprentice of a Japanese stone master must spend a minimum of one year learning to select stone before he lays his hand on one. 

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Selecting stone for a dry stacked wall

I thought a lot about this saying today as we harvested stone from our clients property on Upper Flat Creek in Weaverville. We needed a few more select stones to finish the dry stacked planter beds we have been working on. 

The upper fields of the property were filled with piles of stone ranging in size from small rubble to 3 ton boulders. Over the years they have been pushing stones off the grazing area for the cattle. 

This left us, as stone workers, a goldmine of choices for our walls. 
Choosing stone to fit a particular project requires some vision of the future of the stone selected. Though we do cut and shape stones as needed, we select stones to fit the wall with minimal cuts and shaping. 

All in all, it was a fun trip up the meadow to enjoy the beautiful valley and look at some ancient local rocks. 

I love my job!!

2 thoughts on “Asheville Landscaping: Stone Selection”

  1. You are a master at this already! All your stone work is evidence. I’ve always thought that the projects I have seen of yours look like an artist had done the work. You have such an eye and vision for this.

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