Asheville Landscaping: Dry Stacked Planter Beds

We are finishing up some dry stacked stone planter beds for our client in Weaverville, NC this week. 

All the stone used for this project was harvested from our clients property. 

Dry stacked stone work is an ancient craft that uses no concrete or mortar in its construction. The stones are set with minimal gaps and uses friction and static pressure to create a strong wall. 

Our clients garden space is strictly organic, so the use of concrete or mortar for this project was unacceptable. 

We will occasionally use a little mortar when we cap a dry stacked wall, but for this project we couldn’t. The manufacturing of mortar has a coal byproduct called ‘fly ash’ that can leach lead and arsenic into the soils. This would not be good for an organic vegetable garden. 

It had been a fun project and we are thankful to our clients for giving us this project. 

Check back for more pics soon. 

Living Waters Landscaping 


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