How to build a custom fountain

Formal Fountain
Pondless modern style fountain.

The fountain is a classic addition to any landscape design.

Fountains are constructed in many different styles depending on the landscape design.

Formal fountains are common in many landscapes. However, here at Living Waters we push the boundaries in fountain construction.

We like to create original, one of a kind fountains for our clients in Asheville.

Here is a recent post about custom fountains:

We were contacted by our client to design a custom fountain for the center of their circular paver driveway in Asheville, NC. We came up with a custom design for a circular fountain that would give a 360 degree view. The fountain was constructed using large Tennessee Boulders set in a circle on a pondless reservoir. The pondless fountain will allow our client to turn the feature off and on as the please. Pondless fountains are nearly maintenance free, and do not require the pump to run constantly, like a feature with a pond would. 

We started of by lining the system with a 45 mil EPDM rubber liner. We then ran the plumbing to a center diffuser and started setting boulders.

We chose a 3600 gallon per hour submersible pump for this feature. The pump was set in a housing at the side of the feature. 

With all of the large boulders set, we detailed the top of the feature with waterfall rocks and capped it with decorative river rock. The pondless basin and pump housing were also covered with river rock.

We then landscaped the project area. This was a very fun build and our clients are very happy with the results.

Give us a call for a free estimate.

Living Waters Landscaping


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